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R&A Vision Statment

Here at our office we have recently adorned the walls and offices of Reeve & Associates with our newly revised vision statement.

This statement is a proclamation to our employees and clients. To reconfirm our values and direction to each and every one of our clients. We strive to live by this statement professionally, and in our personal affairs. We have worked for decades together and have continued to  build on the success of being honest, dependable, and sharing our valued experiences with our clients.  This vision statement has been placed throughout the office to remind our team daily why we strive for excellence.

Integrity. Honest and True all the time in everything you do

High Energy. Give it your all until the job is complete

Build a positive, active team that has family spirit

Thrive on working hard and have camaraderie with all that you associate with

Build open and honest relationships through communication

We view obstacles as opportunities

Be humble. we value the knowledge and experience of others

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