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Managing run-off while maximizing site useage

StormTech stormwater containment system

StormTech stormwater containment system

Fueling up at a Maverik convenience store, few customers are aware of an extensive underground chambering network concealed beneath the store’s asphalted parking area. Because all surfaces generate run-off from rain storms, building construction may require substantial underground containment systems for stormwater management.

To manage stormwater at Maverik’s West Haven store at 1900 West and 2550 South, Reeve & Associates employed an innovative stormwater containment system called StormTech. With the ability to capture 100% of stormwater run-off, the chamber covers one-fifth of an acre and can hold up to 16,000 cubic feet of storm water. Reeve has used this technology on numerous projects throughout the West.

According to Nate Reeve, a principal with Reeve & Associates, “the advantage of this system is its ease of maintenance and its ability to filter sediment before discharging run-off into the municipal system. It also frees up valuable real estate that might otherwise be allocated to detention basins.”

A Utah-based, firm Reeve & Associates works closely with owners, architects, contractors, and developers engineering and surveying commercial projects throughout the western U.S.